The Night Circus

WILL be finished tonight! I am very much enjoying it, but also looking forward to many more books to review!! ¬†Also hoping to jazz up my blog, as it is BORING to look at ūüôā


Halfway through The Night Circus

And just updated my Nook with my epub books – lots of reviewing to do!! Thank goodness for a day off to read like crazy!

The Leftovers by Thomas Perrault – hope I got that right – it is one of the 50% books at Bam – I grabbed it immediately-he wrote Little Children, and this is an interesting looking one as well!

Tired…. but reading :)

Very tired today. ¬†The weather is frightful, but inside it IS so delightful! I have the rest of the night and all day tomorrow off to READ. ¬†Got my pineapple oj, I’m a bit of a juice addict, orange juice that is. ¬†Just had leftovers, now time to get to reading! ¬†I downloaded a bunch of books today to read and review, so I need to get on that as well!!

Not that I want to advertise, but this is a pretty good time to get books at BAM – huge sales – I know this because my fingers are stiff from putting sale stickers on everything!! I want one of everything of course…

The Night Circus is wonderful so far. ¬†I got a new purse – it’s big enough to hold a large hardcover book, my Nook, and pretty much everything else in my house. ¬†Feels like a suitcase, but honey I am PREPARED. ¬†Time to go snuggle with the pups and read a ton! I’m so excited! Isn’t it amazing how a BOOK can make you so dang happy?!!?

Post Christmas Reading

I broke down and bought The Night Circus – and am loving it! So glad I succumbed to my need for new books!

I don’t think I have mentioned – I have a Nook Tablet – got mine the day it came out. ¬†I adore it. ¬†Completely. ¬†Love the ebooks. ¬†But – BUT – I will never stop buying physical books either. ¬†Why? They smell good. They feel good. ¬†The weight in my hand. ¬†The sight of books like IQ84 that are just HUGE! Knowing I get to read all that!! Feeling the pages, the awesome cover art – you can’t get that with an ebook. ¬†But, I also sell the Nooks, so I can’t totally disregard them ūüôā ¬†I do love my tablet though, and have the remainder of the Outlander series already loaded and waiting for me to finish. ¬†

I started work at 5 am today, to get ready for the post Christmas sale.  Lots of moving huge table top books around, gift sets, book sets, etc.  I was exhausted by ten.  But I still went shopping after work. Derp.  Bought a new purse big enough to carry my Nook and a few books! Score! Well, off to dinner, and hopefully some awesome reading tonight!!

I need a slogan like Paula Deen has, from my house to yours, good reading…something…

Merry Christmas to everyone…..and me!!

I did it.  I bought IQ84 and The Night Circus.  Plan to do a lot of reading tonight and tomorrow!!  

A bookstore is a pretty magical place at Christmas time. ¬†I find myself close to tears when I see people buying books for presents. I get so excited when kids get excited over books. ¬†It’s not just Harry Potter anymore. ¬†All these grew books and series, so much for them to enjoy. ¬†It’s funny, when I was a kid, there were a few series, but I started reading adult books early, mainly horror. ¬†Kept up on all the Stephen King Books, except the Dark Tower, which I now own but still need to read. ¬†Now, the kids section is huge, and I see kids sitting on the floor with a book open everyday. ¬†I don’t yell, I don’t ask them to move. ¬†I smile at them and move along, stepping around them or go another way ¬†I don’t ever want to interrupt a kid reading a book!!!!¬†

I love the grandmothers who come in buying books for their grandkids. ¬†One woman buys each grandchild $100 worth of books every year. ¬†How incredibly awesome! ¬†Did you ever get great books as a kid? ¬†My step brother used to get me really cool editions of books. ¬†I got grime’s fairy tales, and later on a H.G. Wells collection. Fantastic, and I will always keep them. ¬†I believe he signed one of them saying that nothing is a better friend than a book – something to that affect. He was right. ¬†Books have been my best friends for as long as I can remember. ¬†

Speaking of friends, as I am writing this I look to my left and see my Chihuahua, Baby Bandit, trying not to fall asleep standing up. He is not succeeding!

Good night and Merry Christmas to all ūüôā




I can’t believe I didn’t read today. Well, yet. I’ll read when I go to bed, but seriously!! WTF?? I work in a book store!! I couldn’t even stop to read a magazine?? Argh. It was insanely busy, and my only time to stop was to enjoy the chinese food lunch that BAM provided for us. ¬†Bonus or food? I will take food every time!

I have to fight every day not to buy the Night Circus and IQ84. ¬†If anyone reading this feels the need to buy it for me, feel free!! OR even an epub file would be great!!! ūüôā

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – we are open 8-8, and I will be there 9-6:30. Sigh. ¬†I might have to buy both of them tomorrow. I just might. Not that I don’t need to pay bills or anything – but seriously, books are AWESOME. Heat is meh.

i plan to read some tonight – my days are really bad if I can’t read something. ¬†The Night Eternal or Jamie and Claire? Hmmm…….



What I am reading now…

Well, I read too many books at once. ¬†I am down to three right now, but mainly two. ¬†Drums of Autumn, part of the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series. ¬†It took awhile to convince me to read this series. ¬†I don’t like romances. They depress me. I’m not really into historical fiction. ¬†This is both, but incredible. ¬†Let me say that again. INCREDIBLE. ¬†It is a romance, but not a gushy porn thing. ¬†That’s ok every once in a while, but again, not my thing overall. ¬†This is an incredible love story. ¬†I was talking with a customer the other day, and we were discussing how we wanted to go to Scotland and find our own Jamie ūüôā ¬†Yes, it is that good!

The other book I’m reading is the Del Toro/Hogan book The Night Eternal. ¬†It is the latest and last in the Strain Triology. ¬†I love vampires. ¬†Love that they are good and bad, blah blah. ¬†But this guy, the Master, he’s not good at all. ¬†There’s no romance for him. ¬†No glittering, no dreamy eyes or chicks ripping off their bodices for him. ¬†He is merely a scary as hell kind of guy. Oh yeah and he’s taking over the world.

But I always have room for more to read.  currently I am trying for the Night Circus in this giveaway.


Giveaways are fun! Maybe I’ll do some soon too!