What I am reading now…

Well, I read too many books at once.  I am down to three right now, but mainly two.  Drums of Autumn, part of the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series.  It took awhile to convince me to read this series.  I don’t like romances. They depress me. I’m not really into historical fiction.  This is both, but incredible.  Let me say that again. INCREDIBLE.  It is a romance, but not a gushy porn thing.  That’s ok every once in a while, but again, not my thing overall.  This is an incredible love story.  I was talking with a customer the other day, and we were discussing how we wanted to go to Scotland and find our own Jamie 🙂  Yes, it is that good!

The other book I’m reading is the Del Toro/Hogan book The Night Eternal.  It is the latest and last in the Strain Triology.  I love vampires.  Love that they are good and bad, blah blah.  But this guy, the Master, he’s not good at all.  There’s no romance for him.  No glittering, no dreamy eyes or chicks ripping off their bodices for him.  He is merely a scary as hell kind of guy. Oh yeah and he’s taking over the world.

But I always have room for more to read.  currently I am trying for the Night Circus in this giveaway. 



Giveaways are fun! Maybe I’ll do some soon too!




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