I can’t believe I didn’t read today. Well, yet. I’ll read when I go to bed, but seriously!! WTF?? I work in a book store!! I couldn’t even stop to read a magazine?? Argh. It was insanely busy, and my only time to stop was to enjoy the chinese food lunch that BAM provided for us.  Bonus or food? I will take food every time!

I have to fight every day not to buy the Night Circus and IQ84.  If anyone reading this feels the need to buy it for me, feel free!! OR even an epub file would be great!!! 🙂

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – we are open 8-8, and I will be there 9-6:30. Sigh.  I might have to buy both of them tomorrow. I just might. Not that I don’t need to pay bills or anything – but seriously, books are AWESOME. Heat is meh.

i plan to read some tonight – my days are really bad if I can’t read something.  The Night Eternal or Jamie and Claire? Hmmm…….




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