Merry Christmas to everyone…..and me!!

I did it.  I bought IQ84 and The Night Circus.  Plan to do a lot of reading tonight and tomorrow!!  

A bookstore is a pretty magical place at Christmas time.  I find myself close to tears when I see people buying books for presents. I get so excited when kids get excited over books.  It’s not just Harry Potter anymore.  All these grew books and series, so much for them to enjoy.  It’s funny, when I was a kid, there were a few series, but I started reading adult books early, mainly horror.  Kept up on all the Stephen King Books, except the Dark Tower, which I now own but still need to read.  Now, the kids section is huge, and I see kids sitting on the floor with a book open everyday.  I don’t yell, I don’t ask them to move.  I smile at them and move along, stepping around them or go another way  I don’t ever want to interrupt a kid reading a book!!!! 

I love the grandmothers who come in buying books for their grandkids.  One woman buys each grandchild $100 worth of books every year.  How incredibly awesome!  Did you ever get great books as a kid?  My step brother used to get me really cool editions of books.  I got grime’s fairy tales, and later on a H.G. Wells collection. Fantastic, and I will always keep them.  I believe he signed one of them saying that nothing is a better friend than a book – something to that affect. He was right.  Books have been my best friends for as long as I can remember.  

Speaking of friends, as I am writing this I look to my left and see my Chihuahua, Baby Bandit, trying not to fall asleep standing up. He is not succeeding!

Good night and Merry Christmas to all 🙂




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