Post Christmas Reading

I broke down and bought The Night Circus – and am loving it! So glad I succumbed to my need for new books!

I don’t think I have mentioned – I have a Nook Tablet – got mine the day it came out.  I adore it.  Completely.  Love the ebooks.  But – BUT – I will never stop buying physical books either.  Why? They smell good. They feel good.  The weight in my hand.  The sight of books like IQ84 that are just HUGE! Knowing I get to read all that!! Feeling the pages, the awesome cover art – you can’t get that with an ebook.  But, I also sell the Nooks, so I can’t totally disregard them 🙂  I do love my tablet though, and have the remainder of the Outlander series already loaded and waiting for me to finish.  

I started work at 5 am today, to get ready for the post Christmas sale.  Lots of moving huge table top books around, gift sets, book sets, etc.  I was exhausted by ten.  But I still went shopping after work. Derp.  Bought a new purse big enough to carry my Nook and a few books! Score! Well, off to dinner, and hopefully some awesome reading tonight!!

I need a slogan like Paula Deen has, from my house to yours, good reading…something…


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