Tired…. but reading :)

Very tired today.  The weather is frightful, but inside it IS so delightful! I have the rest of the night and all day tomorrow off to READ.  Got my pineapple oj, I’m a bit of a juice addict, orange juice that is.  Just had leftovers, now time to get to reading!  I downloaded a bunch of books today to read and review, so I need to get on that as well!!

Not that I want to advertise, but this is a pretty good time to get books at BAM – huge sales – I know this because my fingers are stiff from putting sale stickers on everything!! I want one of everything of course…

The Night Circus is wonderful so far.  I got a new purse – it’s big enough to hold a large hardcover book, my Nook, and pretty much everything else in my house.  Feels like a suitcase, but honey I am PREPARED.  Time to go snuggle with the pups and read a ton! I’m so excited! Isn’t it amazing how a BOOK can make you so dang happy?!!?


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