Paradox – Progeny Of Innocence by Patti Roberts

This is the second book in her Paradox series.  Once again, I am pulled in to this extraordinary world that she has created! I am home sick, headache so bad I can barely see, but I can’t stop reading this!!  Just incredible characters, such vivid imagery, I truly feel like I am there.  So many questions answered and I’m only a third of the way through.  I wish all books could be this good 🙂


Paradox: The Angels Are Here (Paradox #1) by Patti Roberts

Oh my goodness.  The imagery on the first page alone made me want to drop everything I was doing (homework, laundry, dishes, homework, sleep, homework) just to read this immediately!  It is a beginning unlike any I have read, and I was immediately drawn in. “A time when magic existed and myths, legends and the gods roamed the planets and walked freely among us.” Oh sigh. To be in those times.


After discovering the mighty characters, you meet the little girl who is the focus of the story.  She has just lost her father, but she has gained some friends in the mean times, some who have ulterior motives.  So far, they are good motives, but there is something sinister going on that involves this grief stricken little girl.


The story is incredible, and not like anything I have ever read before.  I was drawn in with the author’s imagery, and kept drawn in by her writing.  Another author stated that her writing made theirs look amateur.  Well, it makes mine look down right kindergartenish! The flow was incredible, passing through time so easily and quickly, but I was never confused as to where in time I was.


I did not, however, read the preview to the next segment in this series.  Why?  I hate doing that!! Lol IT just makes me want the next book even more!! So I left it – though I will probably sneak a peek very soon.  As I have stated before, I do not like to give 5 stars, but this is definitely a 4.999999.  I really enjoyed it.  It took me to another world, another place, another time.  And that is what I really look for in a good book!

Amaranth – The Resistance Trilogy #1

I read this for reviewing purposes, but found myself pulled in and really enjoyed it. Camille is a wonderful character, who is smart yet fearful. She is pulled in by Gavin, and to my dismay, they completely fall for each other in just a couple of days. As another reviewer said, I also almost stopped reading right then. But I kept going and found the story to really develop and come to life. I really like Camille, and still want to know more about her. 
The story is short, which can be good, but it leaves me wanting more, more more! It is a quick read for those wanting some great reading but not with much time. 
I am very glad this will be a trilogy!! I am hoping to become more attached to gavin as well, because right now he just still seems odd to me and not very attractive. I’m sure this will develop as well. 
I was impressed with the flow of writing, very professional, not too fast, not too slow. 
I really recommend this to everyone!

Wow where the heck did I go??

Had a very tiring week at work – so tiring that it looked like I had black eyes – just exhausted!  but, I have finished another book, and need to get to reviewing!

First off – The Night Circus.

I don’t like the circus.  I don’t like that animals are involved and more often than not abused.  It has never really thrilled me that much, so I put off reading this.  The Night Circus, however, is not a normal circus.  It is a place of wonder and imagination.  It made me want to jump into the book and visit the circus myself! The ice tent gave my shivers – of cold, and of joy.  The ice flowers, whose petals drop off and then grow back as you watch, the footprints in the snow, etc. etc. etc.  So wonderful, the imagery that was used was amazing.  I was involved with the characters, but more so, the entire circus, which of course goes with the whole story.  I will eventually figure out how to add thumbs or stars to this, but definitely two thumbs up, and 4-4.5 stars.

By the way, while discussing the stars, I will very rarely give 5 stars – only because I am picky.  I have favorite authors who I won’t even give five stars to. A Prayer for Owen Meany, is one of my favorite books of all time.  But it is still only about a 4.75. Maybe 4.99.

The book I just finished was Flash and Bone by Kathy Reichs.  I enjoy her books as they are full of science and fact as well as great imagery of things we don’t normally see in our day to day lives (Thank goodness!).  I give this one about a 3.  Not my favorite Temp Brennan novel, and I think it is mainly because it was centered around Nascar.  I really can’t stand Nascar and have never understood it.  The story revolved around car racing in general, and took place near a speedway.  I kept hoping it would get better, but I wasn’t overly pleased.  It was half off, though, so I guess that’s something!

Ok to non book stuff – I got a 20 gallon aquarium and some fish.  I have lost 9 neons – but my guppies are popping out babies already! So fascinating to watch the aquarium! It is bright and pink, kinda like me – and the fish seem to be having good times.  Oh – and ghost shrimp!! The coolest things ever! Ok enough babbling.  I have indie books to review!