Amaranth – The Resistance Trilogy #1

I read this for reviewing purposes, but found myself pulled in and really enjoyed it. Camille is a wonderful character, who is smart yet fearful. She is pulled in by Gavin, and to my dismay, they completely fall for each other in just a couple of days. As another reviewer said, I also almost stopped reading right then. But I kept going and found the story to really develop and come to life. I really like Camille, and still want to know more about her. 
The story is short, which can be good, but it leaves me wanting more, more more! It is a quick read for those wanting some great reading but not with much time. 
I am very glad this will be a trilogy!! I am hoping to become more attached to gavin as well, because right now he just still seems odd to me and not very attractive. I’m sure this will develop as well. 
I was impressed with the flow of writing, very professional, not too fast, not too slow. 
I really recommend this to everyone!


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