Paradox: The Angels Are Here (Paradox #1) by Patti Roberts

Oh my goodness.  The imagery on the first page alone made me want to drop everything I was doing (homework, laundry, dishes, homework, sleep, homework) just to read this immediately!  It is a beginning unlike any I have read, and I was immediately drawn in. “A time when magic existed and myths, legends and the gods roamed the planets and walked freely among us.” Oh sigh. To be in those times.


After discovering the mighty characters, you meet the little girl who is the focus of the story.  She has just lost her father, but she has gained some friends in the mean times, some who have ulterior motives.  So far, they are good motives, but there is something sinister going on that involves this grief stricken little girl.


The story is incredible, and not like anything I have ever read before.  I was drawn in with the author’s imagery, and kept drawn in by her writing.  Another author stated that her writing made theirs look amateur.  Well, it makes mine look down right kindergartenish! The flow was incredible, passing through time so easily and quickly, but I was never confused as to where in time I was.


I did not, however, read the preview to the next segment in this series.  Why?  I hate doing that!! Lol IT just makes me want the next book even more!! So I left it – though I will probably sneak a peek very soon.  As I have stated before, I do not like to give 5 stars, but this is definitely a 4.999999.  I really enjoyed it.  It took me to another world, another place, another time.  And that is what I really look for in a good book!


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