The Wolf Gift – Anne Rice

I don’t want to give too much away in this, so I will make this pretty short and sweet.  I liked the difference in the werewolves in this book than in others.  There is less pain, and more euphoria, more good deeds than ripping people apart for no reason.  I loved the book up until the end, which to me was pretty drab and anti-climatic, and WAY too happy.  lol That sounds really odd, but it was true!  I almost wish it had stopped when the big standoff with the police happened.  Everything would have been weird, but understandable and a cooler ending.

I found the book to be unbelievable throughout.  How often would it happen that someone you just met and had sex with, would leave a grand estate to you?  The werewolf issue was more believable than the relationships in this book.  

I enjoyed Reuben though – and now that I know who Anne had in mind when writing it, I have a better idea of what he looks like, though I envisioned him very similarly.

I enjoyed this book as I always enjoy an Anne Rice book, but won’t buy it.  Makes me sad, as The Witching Hour will always be in my top five books of all time.  I think there was too much conversation in the Wolf Gift, and not much action.


Angel Evolution – David Estes

Evidently angels are the rage right now, and quite frankly, I am glad of it!! This was hard to punt down for any length of time. I loved the spin on good versus evil, the everyday “normal” characters who turned out to be less than normal, and the direction the story went.
Gabriel was a very likable character, but towards the end, I really had strong feelings against him. I understand that he tried to save the heroine, Taylor, but I also realized that he meant to use her to basically demolish human kind!
I then found myself liking Chris even more, even with him being a demon. Again, the play on good versus evil, and the difference in what is considered to be true to believers nowadays, really made it interesting to me.
Yes this was another story of the angel wars, but of course with a twist. The angel and demon armies were impressive, the war scenes were gruesome, but interesting. I was just really drawn into this story, and can’t wait for the next one! (This is book one of a trilogy – I of course bought the other two already 🙂  )


I finally finished – I have to admit, I put off finishing this book because I so enjoyed it – I didn’t want it to end. I love how the characters came full circle at the end!! As Patti promised, many questions that I had from the first book were answered in this one. The characters never ceased to enthrall me, the descriptions never ceased to take me to the scene, and most importantly, I was ALWAYS transported to another time, another place. I really can’t put into words how important that is! As a full time student, working full time, I have little to no time to relax and enjoy myself. I need an escape from my world, and this really fit the bill. Patti could go on writing these forever, and I would buy every single one!

I highly recommend this series – not to any one group of people, but to anyone who would like a bit of an escape. I was never confused, though I had questions. I am not going to give anything away, because that is much of the fun of a series! You have to read to understand! But you MUST read this!!! NOW! 🙂 I really liked it! Thanks again Patti!