Angel Evolution – David Estes

Evidently angels are the rage right now, and quite frankly, I am glad of it!! This was hard to punt down for any length of time. I loved the spin on good versus evil, the everyday “normal” characters who turned out to be less than normal, and the direction the story went.
Gabriel was a very likable character, but towards the end, I really had strong feelings against him. I understand that he tried to save the heroine, Taylor, but I also realized that he meant to use her to basically demolish human kind!
I then found myself liking Chris even more, even with him being a demon. Again, the play on good versus evil, and the difference in what is considered to be true to believers nowadays, really made it interesting to me.
Yes this was another story of the angel wars, but of course with a twist. The angel and demon armies were impressive, the war scenes were gruesome, but interesting. I was just really drawn into this story, and can’t wait for the next one! (This is book one of a trilogy – I of course bought the other two already 🙂  )


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