The Wolf Gift – Anne Rice

I don’t want to give too much away in this, so I will make this pretty short and sweet.  I liked the difference in the werewolves in this book than in others.  There is less pain, and more euphoria, more good deeds than ripping people apart for no reason.  I loved the book up until the end, which to me was pretty drab and anti-climatic, and WAY too happy.  lol That sounds really odd, but it was true!  I almost wish it had stopped when the big standoff with the police happened.  Everything would have been weird, but understandable and a cooler ending.

I found the book to be unbelievable throughout.  How often would it happen that someone you just met and had sex with, would leave a grand estate to you?  The werewolf issue was more believable than the relationships in this book.  

I enjoyed Reuben though – and now that I know who Anne had in mind when writing it, I have a better idea of what he looks like, though I envisioned him very similarly.

I enjoyed this book as I always enjoy an Anne Rice book, but won’t buy it.  Makes me sad, as The Witching Hour will always be in my top five books of all time.  I think there was too much conversation in the Wolf Gift, and not much action.


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