Shadow of Night (All Souls Trilogy #2) Deborah Harkness

I enjoyed this book – I really did – but – I don’t think it was meant to make me want to pick up and read more of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series! The going back in time thing, well, that did it for me. I was expecting Jamie and Claire to show up at Sept-Tours or something. However, it was a good book, but as another reviewer said, it did start kind of slow. I read Discovery of Witches when it was brand new, and quite honestly, Is hold have re-read it before reading this one, as I had forgotten the characters, well except for Ysabeau – she’s pretty unforgettable 🙂 The witching power that she develops is truly awesome – and it makes witchery seem natural rather than satanistic, even though the times they return to are try dangerous for a witch discovering her inner powers. I seem to be complaining more than praising, and that is not my intent -as I did really enjoy the book. I loved the challenges of going back in time, and trying to change history, yet not. I really loved how it all came together at the end, how little clues were left over time, or back in time, so to speak, for others to find. It was pretty cool 🙂 I do highly recommend this to anyone – but maybe re-read Discovery first 🙂