Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) Charlaine Harris



The final in the series – I was sad to start it, and very sad to end it, but I have to say, without giving anything away, I am very happy with how it turned out for Sookie.  Now with that – if you don’t want spoilers – do NOT continue.

Ok – Eric – seriously turned into a douche – I still wonder about him though – he “will not release her.” WTF does that mean? Like he has a choice!  I was really hoping he would turn out better.  And Bill – I know many were rooting for him, but I never really liked him that much – not sure why.  Sam is perfect.  He;s messed up like Sookie – they know their secrets – understand that they will never be perfect, and evidently they have hot sex, which as we all know, is very important in Sookietown.

I will miss the series, as it was a good escape from reality.  I always read the books too fast though – this last one I read in about three hours.  I read too dang fast!  But it made me laugh, and cry actually – yes I cried at the end.  I have to admit I have been hoping for her and Sam the whole time.  He’s adorable 🙂


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