Gone a bit tooooo long!

So sorry for the absence! But it makes the heart grow fonder, yes?  Been having life times -you know, the good, the bad and the really fun!  Lots of concerts, lots of books, lots of work, and all sorts of money issues 🙂  Looks like I need to catch up for the year – so I better get going!!

First off – I was able to meet Gillian Flynn at the National Writer’s Series here in Traverse City.  I was literally jumping from foot to foot in line, got to talk to her and got her to sign my book.  Dang I love authors!! She was funny, and gave a lot of insight into her writing process.  I am always fascinated by the process of different writers, and have heard form a few now, including her, to NOT use an outline!  Very interesting!

Also talked to Doug Stanton, who is a local – they are making a movie of his Horse Soldiers book – we’re so proud he is a local!


Oh and ALSO – Gillian’s books Sharp Objects and Dark Places are being made into movies!!!  Charlize Theron is playing Libby in Dark Places!! A bit taller than I imagined her to be, but sure will be interesting!!  Ok – and on to the show…..


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