No review…just babble

I spend a lot of time on Goodreads.  I enjoy looking for new things to read, and I love the giveaways -though I never win anything. Sigh.  I used to do a lot more reviewing of indie authors, but was frustrated with the narrow subject matters – basically they all dealt with angels, vampires or werewolves and were basically teen fiction.  Don’t get me wrong – I love all of those genres, even together in one book, but there is just so much of it!  I had a book of zombie stories ready to go and then realized the last thing I wanted to do was read another zombie book, so I never went ahead with it.  Maybe when the zombies have died down – hehe – I can return to it.

It just seems that when a certain book does good, everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon.  I get tired of seeing the same type of book over and over again.  Understand why I’m calling this babble now?

I would love some genuinely new ideas – Reconstructing Amelia was a fresh plot, Gillian Flynn books are always fun, love Joe Hill, etc. etc.  Love to review those, but they don’t really need more reviews.  We know they;re good, and word of mouth as well as professional reviews have made them the bestsellers.  They certainly don’t need me.  So when indie authors want me to review their books, I am being pickier now.  It’s hard to be unimpressionable for a review of something that pains me to pick up and read.  It may be great – in fact I haven’t read any awful ones – but I am afraid that they are all the same.  Sometimes they are.  Hm.  I don’t know what to suggest.  I have ideas of course, but don’t want to share! Then they’ll be the new trend. 🙂  OR so I like to think. Ok done.


Gray – Pete Wentz

I just loved this book – even though it depressed me and made me cry repeatedly.  It’s a short but meaningful book about life on the road for a rock star, who everyone knows and wants, but all he wants (or does he?) is the girl back home.  I often find myself wondering if life on the road is all fun and games.  We often hear about stars who are depressed, commit suicide, etc and we wonder why?  How could they possibly be unhappy?  PEople are falling at their feet – they have money, drugs, everything, yet they still choose to check out?  What we don’t even begin to think of is that they could possibly have a life beyond the mayhem, and they may miss it.  In Wentz’s book, it is the girl back home.  The relationship is rocky, but his mind is always on her -whether missing her, cursing her, or just wanting to see her.  I realize it was fiction, but I’m sure there is a lot of fact in this as well.  MAkes me see my rock gods in a different way.  


Reconstructing Amelia – Kimberly McCreight

What a wonderful story – the subject is sad, but very current and relevant.  The story involves a mother who is called to her daughter’s private school because she was caught cheating.  The mother is baffled, of course, but goes to the school.  When she gets there, her daughter is dead, of a “suicide.”  The mother doesn’t believe for a minute that her daughter is suicidal, and so delves into Amelia’s life, her emails, texts, her whole life, to discover what might have happened.  The conclusion is sad for everyone, but it gives the mother some closure. What she finds out is quite surprising though!

The use of emails and texts for this was awesome.  I don’t think authors use them enough in their books.  We use them daily, some of us hundreds of times daily, so it just makes sense that it would be involved in a story line as well.  Wonderful book – another fast read because it kept my attention!


Angelopolis – Danielle Trussoni

This is the second in the Angelology series.  Before you freak out, you really didn’t have to read the first book to enjoy this.  There are characters in common, and of course it is the continuation of the story, but this is truly awesome on its own.

Trussoni blends history into fiction, reminding me of one of my favorite books, The Historian, or even the Dan Brown books.  I was sucked in immediately, and rapt by her attention to detail and the magnificent characters and things around them.  This book takes the angel experience to a deeper level, to those who want to destroy the angels and study them, to those same people producing a child who is an angel, and grows up not wanting to be.  It involves history, the Faberge eggs – which is a fascinating take on fact and fiction.  I choose to believe it as Trussoni wrote it now.  Much more fun!! This book is also half off at BAM right now – not sure why, but I snagged it right up! Very worthy purchase!


Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1) Isaac Marion

First off – no I have not seen the movie!  I don’t know if I’m ready to – maybe when it comes to Redbox. Maybe. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to movies from books -they’re just never right – when you read a book, the great thing is you can imagine the world – the characters – everything – but for a movie -that is someone else’s vision – I tend to get cranky when it is not right – in my vision.

So – I really liked the book.  It was a different take on the zombie theme, with a younger view as well as an actual storyline!  I loved the concept of love bringing back the dead and making them human again.  Such a beautiful thought that could extend to so much – my writing ideas are going nuts right now!  The characters I thought were real and likable.  I have heard that the movie left out the wife – I thought that was an especially interesting part, as the zombies assigned them kids and they married just because.  And the wife cheated! So even when the bodies are falling apart, and there’s not much left but mush, cheating is still an option. There’s no hope for the world! 🙂

It is good and I do recommend it – was a very fast read for me, but very enjoyable.


NOS4A2 – Joe Hill

OMG – this was so great!! I am so glad Stephen King’s incredible talent has passed on to his son!!  I read this in two days – if I wouldn’t have had to work it would have been one night.  LOVED it.  I really don’t want to experience Christmas ever again though!

NOS4A2 is the license plate of the car that Mr. Manx takes the children to Christmasland – never ending Christmas and happy times for kids!  There’s no unhappiness, no sadness, only fun fun fun!  Though Christmas land is really only in Manx’s mind, the children nevertheless disappear.  But one gets away. Someone who can make her own roads – or in her case, bridges, in her mind.  she gets away physically, but never really mentally.  When Manx is declared dead, after spending time in prison, we think the end is near, but then his body goes missing, and it starts all over again, but this time, the girl that got away now has to chase her son, on his way to Christmasland.


Yup – scared the crap out of me.  Awesome story – kept my attention the whole time – and yup, no more Christmas for me!Image