Gray – Pete Wentz

I just loved this book – even though it depressed me and made me cry repeatedly.  It’s a short but meaningful book about life on the road for a rock star, who everyone knows and wants, but all he wants (or does he?) is the girl back home.  I often find myself wondering if life on the road is all fun and games.  We often hear about stars who are depressed, commit suicide, etc and we wonder why?  How could they possibly be unhappy?  PEople are falling at their feet – they have money, drugs, everything, yet they still choose to check out?  What we don’t even begin to think of is that they could possibly have a life beyond the mayhem, and they may miss it.  In Wentz’s book, it is the girl back home.  The relationship is rocky, but his mind is always on her -whether missing her, cursing her, or just wanting to see her.  I realize it was fiction, but I’m sure there is a lot of fact in this as well.  MAkes me see my rock gods in a different way.  



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