NOS4A2 – Joe Hill

OMG – this was so great!! I am so glad Stephen King’s incredible talent has passed on to his son!!  I read this in two days – if I wouldn’t have had to work it would have been one night.  LOVED it.  I really don’t want to experience Christmas ever again though!

NOS4A2 is the license plate of the car that Mr. Manx takes the children to Christmasland – never ending Christmas and happy times for kids!  There’s no unhappiness, no sadness, only fun fun fun!  Though Christmas land is really only in Manx’s mind, the children nevertheless disappear.  But one gets away. Someone who can make her own roads – or in her case, bridges, in her mind.  she gets away physically, but never really mentally.  When Manx is declared dead, after spending time in prison, we think the end is near, but then his body goes missing, and it starts all over again, but this time, the girl that got away now has to chase her son, on his way to Christmasland.


Yup – scared the crap out of me.  Awesome story – kept my attention the whole time – and yup, no more Christmas for me!Image



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