Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1) Isaac Marion

First off – no I have not seen the movie!  I don’t know if I’m ready to – maybe when it comes to Redbox. Maybe. I’m kind of a snob when it comes to movies from books -they’re just never right – when you read a book, the great thing is you can imagine the world – the characters – everything – but for a movie -that is someone else’s vision – I tend to get cranky when it is not right – in my vision.

So – I really liked the book.  It was a different take on the zombie theme, with a younger view as well as an actual storyline!  I loved the concept of love bringing back the dead and making them human again.  Such a beautiful thought that could extend to so much – my writing ideas are going nuts right now!  The characters I thought were real and likable.  I have heard that the movie left out the wife – I thought that was an especially interesting part, as the zombies assigned them kids and they married just because.  And the wife cheated! So even when the bodies are falling apart, and there’s not much left but mush, cheating is still an option. There’s no hope for the world! 🙂

It is good and I do recommend it – was a very fast read for me, but very enjoyable.



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