Killer – by Jonathan Kellerman

I love this series.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am doing my Masters in Community Counseling (To finish this year!!!) and so I find it awesome that Kellerman includes so much of his own practices into his books.  This one really took me by surprise – I had no clue how it was going to end, and I’m still trying to piece it together!
The book starts out with a woman saying that she could shoot Dr. Delaware right then and there, but she won’t.  Yet she caresses a very obvious shape in her purse – thunks it to show its is hard and metal. From that point, it is pretty non stop action and mystery.  The woman was involved in a custody battle with her sister over her sister’s baby.  the woman, a PhD, is a cold and aloof woman, who only seems to want the child to upset her sister.  after Dr. Deleware’s suggestion of keeping the child with the mother, the threat is made by her.  Turns out she also threatens the judge involved.  Not only does she threaten, but she actually hires a hit man to kill Dr. Delaware. Holy schomly!!  The only reason our dear doc is still alive, is the news of the hit gets to an old client of his –  a mob kid who is pretty big in the family – the kid, now a business man, still thinks highly of the doc, and stops the hit. With less than 24 hours before it would happen. PINS AND NEEDLES!  The client then adds that he would be happy to take care of the woman – but the doc of course says no way. Funny she ends up dead anyways.  At this point, I honestly thought the sister was doing something shady – seemed to nervous, etc. When the two men, who were the two candidates for paternity find themselves dead, or almost dead, I realllly thought it was her.  but, let’s just say the whole thing takes on a realllllllly bizarre twist. And yes, that’s all I’m going to say!! Neener!!
I LOVE this series – can’t ever say enough about it! But this is definitely one of thebest! I read this last night – no, I did not get any sleep – but it was so worth it!

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