Where the heck have I been?? Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Holy schmoly I haven’t posted in SO long!!  Well big changes have occurred – perhaps thats why! I am still surrounded by books, but not as much as I used to be.  No longer at the book store, and I won’t go into too many particulars other than to say, I am VERY glad to be away from a company like that! 
This year I plan to review every book I read – I think it’s a necessity.  I got away from my joys last year, and need to get them back.  Reading is my number one joy, and sharing that joy is a must.
So – the first book is Bird Box by Josh Malerman.  I got this as an ARC and I LOVED it.  Great new concept and a great read!
It all started overseas.  People in the US weren’t too concerned. stories of violence towards other people, suicides, etc. came floating over the news, but again, it wasn’t here, so we don’t care.  then there were more and more, and finally it reached the US.  Alaska, then closer, then finally Michigan (yes I live in Michigan too so this was especially frightening!!).  Malorie and her sister live near Detroit, while their parents are still in the Upper Peninsula.  Her sister is paranoid about these happenings but Malorie can’t be bothered; until it starts happening in the UP, where her parents are.  Soon the internet dies, tv and radio die, no more phones.  But the emssage before they do isclear – DO NOT LOOK OUTSIDE.  Malorie still isn’t totally convinced until – well I’ll let you find that out.  Did I mention that Malorie discovers that she is pregnant at the beginning of the book?  Oh yeah – there’s that.
eventually, Malorie drives almost blindly to a house that was “advertised” as being a safe haven for those who need it.  She ends up lviing with others who have no where else to turn -they are loaded with enough food for a few months and have a system worked out for their water and toilet needs.  they have blindfolds for when they have to go outside, ropes to lead them to the well, latrine dumps and anything else they have to do outside.  he windows are covered with blankets – there is absolutely no view of the outside.  The house was originally George’s house.  He offerred shelter to others, but decided he wantred to test the theory of not looking outside.  what if he videotaped the outside?  and then watched the footage?  Certainlt that couldn’t hurt?  Um, yeah, it hurt. A LOT.  Evidently the “beasts” as they were being called, could force you into violence whether it was live or Memorex!
Soon another pregnant woman finds her way to the house, and the housemates adjust to two very pregnant women.  Over time there are issues, as there will be with many people living to0gether – stressed over the happenings outside.  She and the other woman eventually give birth, but there is chaos and bloodshed in the house, and she is left to raise the two kids on her own, teaching them to close their eyes very early on.
But today, they are leaving the house. The kids are older -they are Boy and Girl – she has the plan to take the boat she discovered down the river – she was told to listen for the signal – she would know it when she heard it -then she would be safe.  She waited years to do this – but now it is time.  The trip down the river is terrifying – every minute of the way, and what she finds at the end is terrifying on its own.
So – I tried not to give too much away – this scared the crap out of me, but also made me look at my surroundings a bit more closely.  Imagine going for years without being able to look outside!  Malorie makes trips into town for food and supplies – driving blind – she paints the windows in the car black – so she can look, but she can’t see outside – she uses the blindfold while runnign into stores – grabbing what she can.  Can you imagine what the kids think when their blindfolds come off?  They have NEVER seen the outside! 
I could go on all day about this – but I will refrain – just understand that you HAVE to read this.  I’m still thiking about it, and read it a couple of weeks ago.

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