The Intercept: a Jeremy Fisk Novel – Dick Wolf.

I received this specifically to review, along with Wolf’s new book, the second in the series, “The Execution.”  First off, anyone who knows me, knows that this book is not my style at all.  I don;t read spy books – I steer clear of anything having to do with Jihad, terrorism, or anything like that. But, I promised to review, and I received the books in the mail pretty quickly, so I decided to read them quickly too.  At this writing I have only finished the first, so will review the other in a few days.

Again, this book would not normally be my style, but I am REALLY glad I read it.  It is so fast paced – no downtime whatsoever.  Jeremy Fisk deals with the FBI, to his sometimes dismay, on terrorism cases that threaten the US.  The book starts out with a botched terrorism attempt on a plane heading to Manhattan.  6 people stop the would-be terrorist and are commended as heroes.  The Six, as they are penned, are paraded through New York, but not really released right away, as they were a part of the case.  Meanwhile,the FBI is thinking it is all over and they go back to other things.

Not so fast there FBI.  Fisk doesn’t believe for a second that an amateur attempt at a hijacking of a plane could possibly be all this is about.  Fisk himself was one of the team who sifted through bin Laden’s belongings after his death.  bin Laden specifically looked down on those trying to bring down one plane for the cause – he suggested much bigger things to get the United States attention.  So Fisk understands that this measly attempt cannot be what is really happening. There has to more.  And there is. So much more.


I’m not going into the particulars because I would have been peeved if someone had done that for me.  It’s very hard to put down, and I promise, after reading this, I will refrain from looking at a book and deciding against reading it because it might be a spy book, or having to do with terrorism. This was just fascinating. The behind the scenes activities are incredible.  I intend to start The Execution tonight!


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