The Outcast Dead – Elly Griffiths

This was so cool – I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.  I hate starting at the latest book in a series because I feel like I miss out on things, but I didn’t feel this way with this book.

It caught my eye because of the archaeology aspect.  Ruth is an archaeologist in England who makes an incredible discovery while digging: Jemima Green – accused of murdering babies, the caretaker with a hook for a hand, is found, hook and all. A tv crew comes in to cover this fantastic find, and Ruth might find a love interest……  Fascinating right? Well thats not the whole gist of the book.

There’s also the father of Ruth’s child, Kate, who works with the police. He has cases, one involving a mother who has now found that her third baby is dead.  Is she a killer?  Then there’s a missing child, then another.  What the hell is going on?


Then there’s Cathbad.  I want an entire book about him and maybe there is one. He’s a warlock. Or not. He knows things, he senses things.  HE is fascinating.  And thoroughly entwined in the others lives.


Does that give you any idea what this book is about? Probably not enough. But tough. This is one book that the review could go on forever.  There’s just so much to it.  So many turns, relationships, that again, make me wish I had read the other books first.  But it just makes me want to go read them now anyways.

I highly recommend this one – and hopefully all the others too.



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