The Execution by Dick Wolf

As I said in my review of Wolf’s first Book, the Intercept, I wasn’t prepared to like these books, but I really did.  This book, the Execution, went even further than I expected, delving not only into what the NYPD’s Intelligence Division and Jeremy Fisk might be dealing with during United Nations week in New York, but also what might be involved with out of town dignitaries, namely the President of Mexico.


There is a lot of background in this book, and the present day action goes by very fast.  I won’t go much into the present, but instead what had already happened.  Detective Cecelia Garza, known to many as the Ice Queen, is also known for her tough stance in Mexico, and as having no fear and definitely not showing any weakness in front of the dangerous criminals of her home country.  She is chasing down a killer; Chuparosa, and it seems he is heading to New York.  Why does she think that?  Because she is following his crime scenes – dead bodies with no heads. Great gouges in the floor from the instrument used to chop off the head in one downward swoop.  There was one in Mexico. And now, there’s another scene with more bodies, but no heads.


Fisk has his own way of doing things, and Garza very obviously has her own, and the two don’t quite meet in the middle.  With much bristling, pomp and circumstance, they realize that they can help each other, and perhaps protect the President of Mexico, as it seems Chuparosa is on his way here to execute.


Did I mention the terrorist who killed Fisk’s girlfriend at the end of the first book?  He’s still grieving of course. But this Ice Queen, well, she might be something he could deal with.


Is this a love story?  Heck no.  But it could be!  Of course there is unanswered questions at the conclusion, which I will not delve into.  I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed the terrorist from book one getting his due in this one. Fitting end to such a man.


Even if you don’t like “these kinds of books” like I said I didn’t – try them out anyways.  I was very surprised when I couldn’t put them down, especially this second one.  I really hope there is a third, and very soon at that.  Garza said she wouldn’t return to work for the President. Hmmmmm………


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